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Probable Cost Analysis
Analysis of the probable cost of a project is one of the most important services provided by our firm. Wright Architecture, PA typically provides statements of probable construction cost as part of the basic architectural services for a project. A Statement of Probable Construction Cost is created at the completion of each design phase of a project to confirm that the project is within the current project budget.
A complete Probable Cost Analysis includes not only a Statement of Probable Construction Cost , but also a listing of all other project costs including design and construction contingencies, design fees, and furniture, fixtures and equipment. Other project costs may also be included depending on the needs of the Owner. These additional costs may include relocation costs, financing costs, etc.
Depending upon the size, location and complexity of the project, we may also include the services of a cost consultant as part of our architectural services. Cost consultants specialize in the preparation of statements of probable construction costs and can be a very valuable design team member. We involve costs consultants beginning with the initial stages of a project to assure that the development of the design is within the budget parameters of the project.
We also provide probable cost analysis as an individual service if required. Many times an owner requires these services to prepare capital improvement budgets or other planning and pre-planning tasks for current or future projects.
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