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Transit officials look forward to new offices

May 19, 2008

HIGH POINT - The city's new transit operations center is going to make the staff very happy.

The $569,300 project, begun in mid-March, could be completed as early as the fall or early winter, said Angela Wynes, assistant transit manager. The contractor, Brooks General Contractors of Greensboro, has one year to finish it.

"I'm going to be ecstatic that I don't have to share space with the copy machine, with the printer," Wynes said. "Literally, people were in offices that were made from what used to be closet space. It'll work out nicely for everybody."

The staff currently works in a building adjacent to the operations center that's being renovated and doubled in size to 4,000 square feet.

"We're adding an additional 2,000 square feet of space - for a conference room, all new offices," Wynes said. "We're upgrading the single-user restroom facilities to multi-user restroom facilities and re-arranging the offices, so there's a lobby area. A receptionist will be there to greet people."

While still ahead of schedule, construction on the project has hit a snag.

"We're still way ahead of the pace, but we're absolutely behind where we wanted to be at this point," said Keith Pugh, city director of engineering services. "We ran into very poor soil conditions on the site. We're having to do extra things to stabilize the site. That is taking more time right now."

Right now, though, the site is a bona fide mess.

"The ground's tore up," Wynes said. "The walls are knocked out, and the inside is gutted."

If the weather cooperates by staying dry, Pugh said, the unexpectedly difficult sitework could be finished soon enough to allow completion of the renovation project before March. | 888-3534

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